One of the most popular office messaging programs.

Office messaging program

Unlike all the others local chatting programs, our application does not bog you down with tons of settings and servers to log onto.
Internal Office messenger allows you to message back and forth between people in your office/on your network, without disturbing them while they are in meetings or on the phone. It's the perfect companion to any home or office environment.


Windows installation file, Released July 11, 2021 (21.9 Mb)

Main Features

Group chat mode

Start a text conference with any group of users.

Flexible settings

Administrator manages an user access, disable/enable main program options.

Offline messaging mode

Send LAN message even to disconnected persons. Recipient will get a notification after log-in.

Subnets support

Application works with multiple subnets via a direct TCP connection between computers.

Data encryption

Instant messenger supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). All data transfers are secured in an application.

Sound events

Enable/disable the sound alerts for incoming messages and files, user sign-ins.

User information

Keep your personal profile data. Diffferent online statuses (online/offline/busy) are available .


Advanced functionality of Softros LAN messaging application supports all types of a local network communications.